Katarínska Huta Glassworks

Katarínska Huta Glassworks

Katarínska Huta glassworks was built in 1840 by František Kuchynka and his brothers near small town Cinobaňa in the region Novohrad in central southern Slovakia. Cinobaňa itself used to be mining town since 16th century. Glass works in Novohrad region were common in 19th century because of good access to material resources – high quality beech wood from nearby forests and supply of silica sands all around.

The factory got name after Kuchynka brothers mother Katarína. Shortly after manufacturing commencing the products from Katarínska Huta became famous abroad. The production from the beginning was focused on various shapes of glasses with sophisticated decorations which was in that era considered as fashion and luxury.

In 1854 Ján Kožuch (Kossuch) became owner of the glass works and thanks to his excellent tradesmen skills and contacts the brand Kossuch Glass became famous world-wide.

In the beginning of 20th century were here manufactured glasses decorated by various techniques like cutting, etching or painting. The production was halted during WW1 and was re-established in 1919. Between the wars glasses from Katarínska Huta became well known on western European markets especially in United Kingdom, France and Germany. Export to USA was also common.

The WW2 hit hard glass industry in Slovakia and many factories ceased production. Despite the odds Katarínska Huta continued with production after 1945.

In 1948, the glassworks were nationalised, and fell under the administration of national enterprises. In the following era factories were modernised for mass production of goods – automatic blowing machines were installed and the use of coal gas for heating furnaces grew. However in Katarínska Huta traditional hand-made production of art glass continued besides machine production.

After revolution in 1989 Katarínska Huta as part of the glassworks in Poltár were privatised by local investors and later in 2011 closed down.

The glassworks in Katarínska Huta began making glass again in 2015. Production was revived by the company R-Glass in 2015 firstly with machine production of glasses for beverages with various decorations and later on mouth blown production of clear glasses was renewed.