Miro Fondrk – Ambassador of KLARET ONE glasses

KLARET ONE White & Bubbles

Let me introduce another member of the KLARET ONE glasses development team, who made a significant contribution to their final design. His name is Miro Fondrk. An extremely skilful person, by the way a graduate of two universities. Recognized sommelier, top Slovak wine producer. Miro belongs to the upcoming generation of winemakers who have brought high end technologies and world class knowledge to Slovak wine cellars. Miro’s experience helped us to bring the final design of the glasses to a state as seen today. We used his professional sensory capabilities to tighten the details of the glasses so that they emphasize as much as possible the taste and aroma of the wine for which they are intended.

At Miro’s direct initiative, the KLARET ONE Pinot glass was created. He himself says that he prefers KLARET ONE White, for its versatility.

We are pleased that Miro Fondrk has accepted the role of ambassador of the KLARET ONE glasses.

Miro Fondrk
Klaret glass partner - MF

Miro Fondrk

The ambassador of the KLARET ONE glasses

vinárstvo MIRO FONDRK

Pestovateľská 1082/36
900 44 Tomášov


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